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There is hope for change.

Personality Disorders are generally characterized diagnostically as a pattern of behaviors that are pervasive and that result in instability of one's sense of self (or personality). Often these behaviors are those that create significant difficulty for a person in terms of social functioning, following societal norms, and forming healthy personal relationships with others. These behavioral patterns and issues tend to be present with an individual from at least adolescence and maintain into adulthood.

Personality can be defined as the culmination of traits or qualities that encompass a person's character, disposition or overall temperament.

Treatment for personality disorders differs from one individual to another and with regards to what symptoms are specially causing the most distress. Generally, treatment is conducted with evidenced based interventions and is long-term. The therapeutic relationship is an integral part in the process of change for these clients as building trust, strengthening attachment and recreating new coping strategies for managing themselves, others and the world is key to overall improvement. 

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