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Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative therapy approach which assists clients in overcoming ambivalence to change. Sometimes we are the ones in our own way and we need a little help to move past our own resistance!

This treatment is client-centered and focuses on supporting you find motivation and reducing the feeling of being stuck! It can be very powerful in reducing unwanted habits and the cycle of unhealthy behaviors. 

Positive Psychology is a therapy approach that focuses on the "good life" and encourages client's to explore that which makes create contentment.

This approach emphasizes fulfillment both personally and socially. It seeks to help individuals keep their sights on positivity and their inherent human right to flourish.

Both of these approaches foster increased self-esteem and self-image. They can assist in reducing depression, supporting clients in finding excitement for the future, setting healthy goals and increasing balance in all areas of life.


Motivational Interviewing & Positive Psychology: Service
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