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First Session for Individual Therapy

It's common to feel overwhelmed when anticipating your first individual therapy session. Many people tell me they almost didn't make it, only to be so relieved they actually did! It's important that you know that I am looking forward to meeting you and beginning our therapy work together so here are a few things to ease your mind regarding our first session...

When you arrive at Three Oaks Wellness Collaborative in Fresno please come 5 minutes early, sign in on the iPad in the waiting area, and feel free to enjoy some coffee or water. I will be right out to greet you!

Upon arriving in my office we will discuss the psychotherapy intake packet paperwork that I have sent you via email prior to session. I will make sure you are aware of my privacy practices, my policies and limits to confidentiality. We will discuss fees and informed consent. 

We will then begin a 90 minute intake session in which I will learn as much as I can about what brings you to seek therapy. I will ask many questions and if finding answers is difficult, that's okay! We are coming together to figure things out. I usually take an extensive history taking, exploring your family upbringing, your current life situation, important trauma history and any mental health symptoms. 

The purpose of a psychological assessment is find out as much as I can about you and the problem you are experiencing in order for me to determine the best individualized treatment for you.

Together we will begin our plan for our therapy journey which will include setting goals and objectives, discussing how long healing may take, and which type of treatment approach may be used to best help!

What to Expect: Welcome
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